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Become a Project Management Professional (PMP)®


Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers and one of the most valuable business certifications in the marketplace today.


This certification will make you relevant globally, irrespective of your industry or occupation.


Projects exist in all industries and missions, therefore Project Managers are found in every kind of organization – as employees, managers, contractors and independent consultants.


Organizations that range from global businesses to governments and NGOs have identified project management and skilled project managers as the key to their success.




Please find below answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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 01  How will PMP certification benefit me?

  • The skills that you will acquire during ALKIC PMP certification training will enable you to make an appreciable difference in how you manage projects, and significantly improve your ability to deliver on time, on budget, and to specification.

  • These skills and techniques will also make you a more valued contributor to your organization and help your career advance.

  • PMP certification provides the holder with greater access to jobs and higher salaries.

  • PMP certification is globally recognized and demanded, thereby giving you an opportunity to work in over 100 countries.

  • Because PMP certification is recognized and demanded across all industries, you will be able to make career switch easily.




 02  Do I really need to be a Project Manager when I am not in Engineering or IT?

  • Project management goes beyond engineering and IT industries. The knowledge and skills acquired during PMP certification training is applicable to any kind of project in all industries and missions.

  • Examples of such projects are: The development of a new business model, effecting a change in the structure/staffing/style of an organization, implementing a new business process or procedure, the development of a new product etc.

  • The skills and techniques required to successfully manage all the above mentioned projects (and many more) from the beginning to the end are what we offer you at ALKIC during our PMP certification training.




 03  I am an Entrepreneur, not looking for employment. Do I need Project Management?

  • Project Management brings about greater profitability with higher quality products and/or services to your organization through planning, discipline and meticulous execution. It brings discipline to the art of managing time, cost, and quality of your products or services. So, as an entrepreneur, project management skills and techniques will take you very far.

  • At ALKIC, we believe project management is a 'culture' that, if properly imbibed, will assist most people to improve their personal performance.




 04  Why Should I Train With ALKIC?

  • At ALKIC we present more content, instill more information and practical techniques in a shorter period of time.

  • The PMP exam isn't a memorization exam; it truly tests your understanding of project management. Our course is filled with real-world examples that will not only help you to pass the exam, but will make you a better project manager.

  • All our instructors hold an active PMP certificate and have on average over 20 years of practical project management experience.




 05  What outcomes should I expect if I participate in the training?

Upon completion of our PMP exam preparatory course, the participants will be able to:

  • Pass the PMP Exam offered by the Project Management Institute, with full confidence

  • Identify gaps in their knowledge that may hurt them on the exam

  • Be more comfortable with the types of questions they will see on the exam

  • Use tips to pass the exam that have been used successfully by many people

  • Apply project management techniques in the real world

  • Be a better project manager





 06  Is The Training Compulsory For The Exam?

  • Yes, the training is compulsory. Without attending the training you will not be allowed to sit for the exam.




 07  How Much Is Your Training?

The training costs US$500 (five hundred US dollars).




 08  What Does The Training Fee Cover?

  • PMP course based on the 2021 Exam Content Outline

  • Exceptional training delivered by PMP certified project managers

  • ALKIC PMP exam prep manual

  • ALKIC PMP exam electronic study guide

  • Tips to help you understand how the PMP questions are written

  • Tips for shortening your study time

  • Tips for taking the exam

  • Tips for finding holes in your project management knowledge

  • Reasons people fail the exam and how to make sure you do not do the same

  • ALKIC Certificate of competence

  • 35 hours of project management education required to take the exam




 09  How Do I Register For Your Program/Training?

  • For now, all our classes are online. For our class schedule, Click Here.

  • All seats are paid for before the program starts, so you will need to make payment  as soon as you can to secure your space.

  • After making the payment, you will get email confirmation and a follow-up call from the instructor.



 10  How do I pay for the training?

  • You can pay online, from our Booking Page, Click Here.

  • After making the payment, you will get email confirmation and a follow-up call from the instructor.


 11  When Is The Exam?

  • Center-based testing (CBT) is the standard method of administration for PMP Exam.

  • CBT is an online exam, so it is available every weekday of the year except public holidays.




 12  How Much Is The Exam Fee?

  • The PMP CBT exam fee for PMI members is $405, while it is $555 for non-members.

  • PMI membership fee is $139.

  • We encourage our clients to register as members because PMI members have free access to loads of important materials that non-members will pay for. (



PMP certification is really a great thing to possess considering the dynamics of the modern economic environment. The core background of the professional is not a deterrent since there are projects in all fields from advertising, to accounting, medicine, engineering, law, marketing, management, construction, oil &gas, banking etc.

So any professional or senior management, executive or graduate from different professional backgrounds can attain the PMP.


Please feel free to contact us if you still have further questions that have not been answered by this FAQ.

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