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The PMI Africa Conference 2016

The PMI Africa Conference 2016 was held in the City of Accra, Ghana. It was a great event which brought together hundreds of project, program and portfolio managers from around the world.

It was a time for professional development and networking; enhancing personal skill sets, empowering African project leaders to drive strategic organizational objectives through project management centered around the theme: “Achieving greater business results through Project Management”.

Our CEO, Olanrewaju Oderinde, spoke on “Project Illusion – A Major Cause of Projects Failure”.

His presentation addressed a major illusion that affects project managers – Selective Perception.

He stated that selective perception biases are: Confirmation Bias, Professional viewpoint effect, and Premature termination of search for evidence.

The presentation provided the participants with practical steps on how to deal with selective perception.

The conference keynote address was delivered by PMI Board Chair, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. All in all, the conference was very educative and enlightening.

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