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ALKIC Team-Building Activities Are Unique

Here are seven reasons why:

Customized. Before the workshop, we talk to the sponsor and the team leads to make sure that the activities suit specific needs. During the workshop, we continuously collect data from participants to fine-tune the design and delivery of the activities.

Absorbing. We keep the participants totally absorbed with a unique blend of expert techniques, reflective discussions, and creative activities.

Authoritative. We know what we are doing. Our activities are based on sound theory, evidence-based principles, and solid experience.

Fun. Our team-building activities are usually fun-filled, whether you are a small group of 20 or a large group of 300 participants. We will work with you to bring you that memorable ‘Fun Day’ experience.

Relevant. We empower the participants with realistic tools and techniques for immediate use in today's workplace.

Engaging. Our contagious enthusiasm, inclusive humor, and dexterous flexibility make the participants enjoy every moment of the workshop.

Debrief. At the end of the workshop, we reflect, gain insights, and share them with each other. The participants discuss what they found useful and what needs to be changed. We always end with a bang. We make the conclusion memorable and motivating.

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