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Troubled Project 


Get that project back on track!

Organizations spend a lot of money on projects.


So, it is natural for senior executives to be apprehensive if one or more of the organization’s mission-critical project(s) is troubled.


A project is troubled and in need of recovery if during project execution, it becomes clear that estimated budget, schedule, or scope will not be met; overall quality will not be acceptable; and/or project customers will not be satisfied.


The good news is that troubled projects can be recovered. SURELY, THEY ARE NOT DOOMED TO FAIL!


However, whether a troubled project ultimately succeeds or fails depends on the effectiveness of the actions taken to recover the project.

Those practical actions will be addressed in this workshop.


This workshop is not just for the project managers and team members, all key project stakeholders in the organization should be involved as well.


The participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the major factors that contribute to a potentially “at risk” project

  • Categorize symptoms of a troubled project so as to correctly associate them with root causes

  • Formulate plans for mitigating and/or eliminating root causes

  • Assess the effectiveness of prevention and recovery actions and plans


This is an exercise-driven, no-nonsense, professional practice-focused workshop, positioning the participant to immediately apply tools and lessons learned.


The tools and techniques that will be taught during this workshop are practical and proven; and the workshop will be handled by experienced project practitioners that have participated in successful recovery of mission-critical projects in the real world.


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